The experts in the team

The lawyers each assist one of the partners. The other professionals provide services to both partners and are neutral. All professionals are, in addition to being substantively specialised, also mediators and trained as collaborative professionals.

Collaborative divorce lawyer

In a collaborative divorce, the partners agree not to take legal recourse to make final decisions, but rather to make decisions by agreement. The arrangements that you make with your ex-partner will be recorded in a so-called divorce agreement. It is of the utmost importance that a specialised lawyer-divorce mediator gives advice on all the legal aspects involved in a divorce. The collaborative divorce lawyer helping you has been trained to work in a team and to assist you when making arrangements. In this way you will make informed decisions.


The coach, usually a psychologist, will help you to deal with your emotions as well as to cope with a sense of loss. The coach supervises the collaborative divorce process and assists you during the setting of goals, allowing you to discuss insecurities and uncertainties, and encourages effective communication within the team. Furthermore the coach is an expert in the field of conflict management. If children are involved in the divorce, the coach will assist the parents with the reconstruction of their parenting situation after the divorce and will, if possible, conduct discussions with the children and help you with the detailing of the parenting plan. The coach will help you to create a basis from which you can start a new life stage after the divorce.

Financial expert

Your future financial position will be recorded in the divorce agreement. That is why it is of the utmost importance that the agreement has been thought through thoroughly, with a focus on the best possible tax position. A financial expert will advise and assist you with this and will outline the financial options. Following this, you can draw up a plan together with the financial expert for the best possible financial prospects in your new stage in life.

Child expert

It is perhaps the children who suffer the most from any divorce. They do not really have the opportunity to express their true feelings. Their world is turned upside down. Talking with the parents can be difficult or even impossible. If extra assistance is necessary, a child expert can be engaged who will support the children and will talk with them regarding their feelings about the divorce. The children will also be asked to think about their future. Their wishes will be put on the team’s agenda so that these are taken into consideration during the drawing up of the parenting plan.